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Security Robots Company - Oneway

Oneway has manufactured a great variety of autonomous security robots for more than 10 years. We awarded many international certifications, like ISO9901, CR, and CE, and 150 patents for robotics manufacturing. Based on our rich experience with robot security guards, we have cooperated with local governments, exhibitions, airports, and shopping malls .

Equipped with 360-degree panoramic HD cameras, PTZ thermal cameras, AI algorithms, loudspeakers, and facial recognition, our AI security patrol robots will be your best partner, replacing repetitive and big-budget inspection works. They can identify faces and license plates in patrol monitoring, and conduct real-time environmental monitoring including temperature, humidity, smoke, PM2.5, and abnormal heat sources. In addition to essential inspection tasks, our autonomous security robots can work for interaction, guidance, broadcasting, and promotion.

Oneway - top robot manufacturer

Autonomous Security Robots for Inspection

ANBOT-Y Security Patrol Robot

● 24-hour security patrolling & autonomous navigation
● Fit for different conditions, such as residential areas, offices, villas, and industrial parks

ANBOT-S Security Patrol Robot

● Easily integrated with public security systems for night patrols
● Supporting advertising and human-computer interaction through large LED screens

APV-S Security Patrol Robot

● Assisting police officers in daily security inspections
● Ensure the safety of the police station.

APV-SE Inspection Robot

● Suitable for complex outdoor inspections
● Daily security patrols, facility & equipment security

APV-X Special Inspection Robot

● 6-wheel design & large load capacity for reliable performance
● Suitable for high-level working places, such as military camps, border posts, airports, and military material warehouses

Chassis Security Robot

● Designed with compact body, long battery life, and large platform to transport items
● Focusing on security, advertising, and delivery

Oneway solution

Custom Security Robots Solution

As a leading robotics company, Oneway possesses full-stack research and development technologies in unmanned driving, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and intelligent control. We can provide you with advanced solutions in robotics, systems, IoT, intelligent control.

loT Security Patrol Solution

Oneway helps you build an effective, intelligent, and reliable security network, which can connect AI security robots, access control systems, surveillance systems, elevator control systems, or fire protection systems. Based on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, sensors, wireless networks, and other Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, this network plays a crucial part in intelligent security inspections. By managing different security devices and systems, Oneway’s security network covers the whole place for comprehensive security.

Security Robots Custom Service

Oneway’s autonomous security robots act as your guard, not only protecting your safety and private property, but also offering advertising, communication, and more customer services. All of its functions, even outlook and body parts can be customized according to your specific needs. With our robot's custom service, these security robotics can adapt to work place more quickly.

Special Robots Custom Solution

Apart from security robots, Oneway has more robots for different specific needs, like small tracked robots, explosive ordnance disposal robots, fire inspection robots, and military interference vehicles. These special robots are applied in mining, firefighting, military, electric power, and other industries. If you have more specific requirements, you can contact us for more details.

FAQ of Security Robots

Our MOQ for security robot is 1.

Based on our advanced robotic manufacturing technology, we can deliver security patrol robots between 30-45 days. You can contact us for an exact lead time.

Oneway offers a one-year warranty period for the security robot hardware, and provides lifelong free software upgrades. In the event of non-human damage, we will assist with robot repairs.

Mobility is the main factor in the robot’s operation. We break through robotic technology, allowing security robots to patrol steadily, avoid obstacles, and plan routes. Thus our security robots can quickly adapt to harsh environments.

Our security patrol robots conduct real-time video surveillance, patrol route planning, intelligent patrol alarms, face recognition, thermal imaging detection, etc. It can also perform patrol tasks, detect abnormal situations, and set alarms in time, improving the efficiency of inspection and monitoring.

Our security robots can operate well in different situations. You can also customize security robots to satisfy your requirements.

Our autonomous security robots are popular in many countries, especially in Europe and the Middle East.

We awarded ISO9001, CE, and CR certifications and 150 patents for security robotics.

Our security patrol robots are equipped with a variety of functions, including real-time video surveillance, patrol route planning, intelligent patrol alarm, face recognition, thermal imaging detection, etc. They are suitable for residential areas, CBD, offices, exhibitions, government, institutions, industrial parks, and the military

Daily maintenance includes regularly cleaning the robot surface, checking battery status, ensuring normal operation of sensors, etc. If you encounter a fault or abnormal situation, our technical team can help you solve the problems through remote control or on-site service.

Our security patrol robots easily integrate with your existing security systems, including surveillance cameras, intrusion alarm systems, data centers, etc. We provide open SDK interfaces and APIs, which can be customized and integrated to achieve data sharing and intelligent management.

The security patrol robot utilize advanced encryption technology to keep data secure during data transmission. They store and process data under the relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. Only authorized persons are allowed to operate robot data.


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