OnewayRobot New Product Launch Conference—APVS opens a new era of security!

Oneway Robotics actively responds to the national strategy of civil-military integration. Following the successful implementation of “China’s first intelligent security service robots Anbot and APV” in the market, we once again join hands to launch the latest generation of outdoor robots — APVS.

At the new product launch event

At the new product launch event,echnical Director Ming Zhen represented the team in unveiling the next generation of products, earning widespread recognition from both customers and the media.

Highlight One: It adopts a four-wheel-drive omnidirectional mobile universal chassis with independent suspension on all four wheels, featuring strong obstacle-crossing capabilities with a maximum obstacle-crossing height of 5cm and a maximum climbing angle of 15°. Its omnidirectional movement allows for agile navigation, enabling in-place turning and autonomous navigation through passages as narrow as 1-1.2 meters.

Highlight Two: It integrates multiple sensors including laser radar, IMU, GPS, ultrasonic, millimeter wave, obstacle-avoidance laser, and air pressure obstacle avoidance, enabling environmental perception and rapid modeling in different environments, as well as high-reliability navigation and positioning in dynamic environments, ensuring stable operation 24/7.

Highlight Three: The robot is equipped with four network monitoring cameras, enabling 360-degree full-view video surveillance, pedestrian live recognition, and facial detection for intelligent matching. It can also be equipped with thermal imagers for thermal source monitoring, fire prevention, and other functions.

Highlight Four: The robot can be equipped with a pick-up microphone array and high-definition display screen, enabling intelligent services such as human-machine interaction, audio-video intercom, and more.

APVS and ANBOT teamed up to provide security for the 2018 China (Changsha) Network Security and Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, which took place as scheduled on November 28, 2018. Our Oneway robots stood steadfast at their posts, ensuring the safety of the event.

The Governor of Hunan Province has given his endorsement to our security robot.

As the first security robot in China, Wanwei Robotics was interviewed by China Intelligent Manufacturing Network. During the interview, our Operations Director, Chen Xiaohu, mentioned:

Interview site of China Intelligent Manufacturing Network

Currently, our products have been applied in airports, museums, industrial parks, schools, residential areas, and scenic spots, receiving widespread recognition in the market. Wanwei Robotics is dedicated to establishing itself as the leading brand of security service robots in China, adhering to the principle of “quality first.” We strive to ensure that our robot technology and products better serve the future of human life.

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